You made it to Maine.  You’re almost there!  Just grab a ferry to Chebeague and we’ll do the rest.
Chebeague Island Inn is accessible by boat only.  You can attempt to find a local and ford the channel, but we don’t recommend it.

There are two ferry companies that service Chebeague Island, in addition to water taxis.

Departing from Yarmouth, Maine (Recommended)
– If you prefer to drive a little bit closer to the Inn, there is a satellite surface parking lot on Route One in Cumberland, operated by Chebeague Transportation Company. Guests are welcome to park their cars in this lot and take the complimentary shuttle bus directly to the CTC ferry on Cousins Island in Yarmouth, Maine.

– If you are leaving your car here for more than 1 night, it’s $15 a day.  You will pay the shuttle bus driver at the site.

– If you are parking ONLY for the day, you can purchase a $10 day pass here

-This ferry costs about $7.50 each way, and takes about 15 minutes. It lands at the base of the Inn (about a 5 min. walk uphill). Please note that CTC accepts cash only; however, you can pre-buy tickets online and also receive a slight discount. 

CTC Summer Ferry Schedule


Departing from Portland, Maine
If you’re planning on keeping your car in Portland, Maine, there are a variety of parking garages. Casco Bay Lines is the ferry company that services Chebeague Island from Portland (they also have a covered garage). Located on Commerical Street in downtown Portland, the ferry is about $13 person. It’s a scenic ferry ride, about an hour and a half, that stops at all of the islands along the way. The ferry landing on Chebeague Island is on the other side of the island, so please be sure to lett us know if you’re arriving via this route so we can send the van to get you. Directions to Casco Bay Lines.

Casco Bay Lines Summer Ferry Schedule

Portland Express Water Taxi
There are water taxis that service the island, much like taxis that service the land. On a water taxi, it takes about 25 minutes to travel from Portland to Stone Pier on Chebeague Island (the base of the Inn). Portland Express Water Taxi is located on Commercial Street in downtown Portland, b/w RiRa’s and Casco Bay Lines. In the summer, it’s advised to make a taxi reservation in advance, as the water taxis are in high demand. There is a covered parking garage adjacent to Casco Bay Lines that you’re able to park in. Directions to a Water Taxi


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