Our Story

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We met several years ago at the Beth Israeal Deaconess Medical Center where we were both doing our internships – Sara in Nutrition and Eric in General Surgery.  As luck would have it, we ended up on the same floor with the same patient.

Sara’s side: After impressing me with exaggerated concern for the nutritional status of our shared patient (“Oh, you’re from nutrition? We’re anxiously awaiting your recommendations!”), Eric asked me out on a date for an upcoming weekend. With drinks on our first date, dinner on our second date and dancing on our third date, he wasted no time in winning my wining, dining and dancing-loving heart.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Eric’s side: I remember seeing Sara for the first time waiting at the front desk of the general surgery floor of the BIDMC and thinking “Wow, what a beautiful Indian girl.”  Determined to meet her, I traded patient assignments with my co-intern so Sara and I would share a patient.  After some coaching from the general surgery team and our shared patient, I made my move.  Several very awkward jokes about all-vegetable-diets later, she agreed to a date (I think mostly out of pity).  I am happy to report that I rebounded to win her heart with a combination of dorky charm, killer dance moves, love for her cat, and support for feministas everywhere.


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